Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Beginning

Welcome to Sophie Bonaste's Nook!

Welcome to the website dedicated to the ramblings and musings of aspiring author Sophie Bonaste. Currently, I am focusing on writing gay erotic romance novels and novellas. I started writing in the genre about a month ago, but I have been an avid fan of the genre for more than a year. I thought that it would be nice to try my hand at writing some. I am not sure how my venture into the world of publishing will end, but I can only hope that the characters that live in my brain will someday see in the light of day.

Right now I have three works currently in progress. The first is a short story that I am hoping will be part of an anthology. It is called "Building a Family in Love" and focuses on the marriage of Johnny and Darren as they face to the question of whether or not to have children. This story just went through its third draft and should be sent to a publisher within the next week. 

The second is a novel entitled "Happy Forever After." The novel looks at the relationship of Jordan and Casey as they try to navigate a relationship despite very different views on how a relationship should be. This was the first novel that I ever started worked on and I have almost 18,000 words. The only problem is that I seem to have hit a roadblock. I have the outline for the book done, but I think that I will need to redo a good  part of that. It seems like the only way the story will work is if I redo the initial character development. But the story has been put on the back burner as my brain as been overtaken by my third work. 

Recently, I had an idea for a story that consumed my brain. It focuses on Adam, a teenager who lives with his ultraconservative family in the deep south. But when he meets Mickey, a homeless teen forced out of his own home when he came out as gay, the chemistry that forms in unmistakable. But can they overcome all of the obstacles surrounding them to make a relationship work. The working title for this project is "The Sacrifices We Make." I am hoping that this will be novel length, but I am too early in the work to know if it will be that long. 

So that is my works as it stand right now. I will post again once I have sent in "Building a Family in Love." In the meantime, have a happy holiday weekend and a good start to April.