Monday, June 30, 2014

The Saga of Steve and Joey-Part 27

Hello everyone and Happy Monday. And because it's Monday, it's time for a new part in The Saga of Steve and Joey! Enjoy!

Part 27
I look over the list once again and I sigh. I think I have everything, but I can’t remember if I put the oatmeal in the cart or not. I know I was looking at it earlier, but I can’t find it in the cart. Of course, if it is there and at the bottom, I wouldn’t have a chance of finding it. Joey and I really need to go grocery shopping more than once a month.
Oh well. Oatmeal isn’t that important.
“Ready to go,” I ask Aiden, who is sitting in the cart eating a piece of cheese the lady at the deli counter gave him.
“Yes, Daddy,” Aiden says with a smile. I ruffle his hair before pushing the cart towards the checkout.
We get to the line and I start to unload all of the groceries on the belt. I’m about halfway through when I see a woman with a baby come in the line behind us. She has the carrier in one hand and a basket of groceries in the other. She sets both down on the ground, crouching down so she could be close to the baby. I notice Aiden’s look of fascination, but I don’t dwell on it as I continue to unload the groceries.
The entire time I’m checking out, I notice Aiden can’t keep his eyes off the baby. I can’t help but smile. Aiden has seen babies before, but he’s never reacted like this. It’s actually kind of cute.
Finally, I finish checking everything out and get it loaded back into the cart. It is a royal pain. I can’t wait for Aiden to get a little bigger so he can actually help with this, rather than just help in such a way that it makes more of a mess. Usually, I don’t mind, since Aiden likes helping and it is adorable to watch, but I just don’t have the patience after being in the grocery store for two hours.
When I’m done, I push the cart out of the store, forcing Aiden to stop staring at the baby. When I do, Aiden gets a thoughtful look on his face. But since he doesn’t say anything, I don’t either.
Finally, after I’m done loading all of the groceries into the back of the SUV, I put the cart back before taking Aiden back to the car and strapping him into his car seat in the back seat.
“Daddy,” Aiden asks as I’m strapping him in.
“Yes, Aiden?”
“Was I ever that small?”
I smile. Of course, he’s wondering about the baby. “Yes, Aiden. Smaller in fact. If you want, I’m sure we can show you some pictures at home.”
“Oh. So where to babies come from?”
My jaw drops as soon as the innocent question leaves Aiden’s mouth. I should have seen this coming, but somehow I just didn’t.
“What,” I stammer.
“Where do babies come from,” Aiden asks again, his eyes wide and innocent.
I don’t know what to say. Of course, I know. I’m a doctor. But how to you explain THAT to a five year old?
But Aiden’s looking at me with those wide eyes and I have to say something. And I can’t help but think what Joey would say. I don’t know how, but somehow my husband always knows how to explain the world to Aiden in a way that he understands. I always end up confusing Aiden.
And then I know. I know exactly what Joey would say.
“Love, honey. Babies come from love.”
“So you and Daddy loved so much that I was born?”
I thought about all of the work that had gone into getting Aiden into our family and how amazing it was to hold him in my arms for that first time.
“Something like that,” I say with a smile.
“Oh. Can I have ice cream now?”
I laugh. “Well, not here. But why don’t we go home and get it in the freezer before it melts. Then after you and Daddy Joey help me put all of the groceries away then, yes, we can have ice cream.”
“Okay,” Aiden exclaims.
I give him a little smile before kissing the top of his head. Of course, one day I would have to explain the real way babies were born. But for now, ice cream sounds pretty good. 

And there’s Part 27! Next week, Aiden meets his first real friend. See you then!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday Update-6/26/14

Hello everyone and Happy Thursday! I hope that everyone is having a good week. Mine has been fairly quiet, but productive. Here's where things stand now.

The Project Fierce Anthology is coming out in less than three weeks. Get your copy now right here. It's even on sale so what are you waiting for??

Tommy's Death is moving along really nicely. It is currently undergoing a second round of edits. I also just got the cover and it is beautiful!!! I can't wait to show everyone. There will probably be yet another title change on this one, so I will keep everyone posted.

Finding Love in the Darkness is also going well. The second draft is done and I should be ready to send it in next week.

My new TJ/Eric story is also progressing. I still haven't figured out a title, but the first draft is coming along nicely. I should be done with it by the middle of July.

I think that's about it for now. Remember to come back on Monday for the next part in The Saga of Steve and Joey. Have a great weekend everyone!!!


PS-Oh, oh,  I almost forgot. Dreamspinner is also having a sale to celebrate their 1000th paperback. All of their books are on sale, including The Sacrifices We Make and the Grand Adventures Anthology. So go buy them now!!! The sale is only going on until June 30th!

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Saga of Steve and Joey-Part 26

Hello everyone and Happy Monday!!! Today in The Saga of Steve and Joey we are jumping ahead in the story to Aiden's first day of school. I hope you all like it. Enjoy!

Part 26
I didn’t know how hard this would be. I figured it would be easy, taking Aiden to Kindergarten. Hell, I was proud of him. He had done so well in preschool and had aced his entrance exam to school. Steve and I got him into a private school that would ensure he would have the best opportunities going forward.
So why am I bawling my eyes out?
Five minutes ago, I had taken Aiden to class for his very first day of school. Aiden was a little ball of energy, trying to break free of my hand and see everything that his new school had to offer.
And then, after a brief word with his teacher, I went to say goodbye. Everything changed then. Despite trying to explain what would happen beforehand, Aiden clearly didn’t understand that I would be leaving for a little bit.
Aiden just started to cry and beg me not to leave him.
“Don’t go,” he had repeated over and over again through all of the tears.
“I’ll be back a little later,” I tried to comfort him.
But it didn’t work as Aiden threw himself into my arms, crying into my shirt. I didn’t know what to do, as I tried to calm Aiden down. I rocked him and told him it would all be okay, but nothing worked.
Finally, Aiden’s teacher came over to us. She told Aiden what a fun time they would have, but Aiden still didn’t stop crying. In the end, she leaned over and whispered in my ear that the only way for him to stop would be for me to leave. I looked at her, shocked, but she clearly knew what she was talking about.
So, with one last round of assurances and hugs and kisses, I walked out of the room. I could hear Aiden’s cries and screams as I walked down the hall.
That was when my own tears started.
Now, I’m sitting in my car, crying my eyes out as I think of my baby boy hurting inside. I wrap my arms around myself, trying to tell myself that it would all be okay. That I will come back in three hours and pick Aiden and he’ll be the happy, smiling boy I know. But for now, all I feel is sick.
With a shaking hand, I pull my cell phone out of my pocket and hit the first speed dial button. I had told Steve that he didn’t need to take the day off for this. That I could handle it all by myself. How wrong I was!
“Hey, Joey,” Steve says, his happy voice coming over the phone speaker. “How was it?”
“Steve,” I say desperately.
“Baby, what’s wrong?”
“I think we made a mistake.”
“What do you mean? Is Aiden okay?”
“No. He cried so hard, Steve. And I didn’t want to leave him like that, but his teacher said that it would be best. He begged me not to leave him. Begged me. And I did.”
Steve sighed. “Honey, it will be okay.” I didn’t know how Steve managed to deceiver my rant, but he did. And I couldn’t be happier about it.
“You don’t know that.”
“Aiden is a tough kid. He will be fine. And when you go back to pick him up, you’ll see.”
“I wish you were here.”
“Hey, you’re the one who said you would be fine. And you will be. But if you want, why don’t you come over to the office and you can hang out while we wait for him to be done.”
“Okay. I’ll be there soon.”
“Alright. I love you, Joey.”
“Love you too.”
As I disconnected the call, I tried to keep my tears from falling. But it just didn’t work. For the first time, all of the comfort that Steve gave me wasn’t enough. Aiden was hurting and I couldn’t do anything about it. And I knew that while Aiden would one day be okay with going to school, I wasn’t sure that my pain from this day would ever go away.

And there’s Part 26! I hope nobody minds jumping ahead in Aiden’s life. There will be many more snapshots to come, starting with next Monday. See you then!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday Update-6/19/14

Hello everyone and Happy Thursday! I hope everyone has had a great week. Mine has been good, with the exception of going back to work at the Evil Day Job. It's always hard after a long vacation. But that doesn't mean I have mean neglecting my writing. Here's what I have done this week:

First of all, Death-Meet Love and Happiness has had a title change! From now on, it will be known as Tommy's Death. In addition to changing the title, I also completed the first round of edits. So that's going well.

As for my WIPs, this week I spent a lot of time on Finding Love in the Darkness and I am happy to say the first draft is done. Next week I will be editing it and will submitting within the next two weeks. I also have an outline for my new story. I'm still working on a title, but this will be part of a new TJ/Eric anthology. It will be a sci-fi story that revolves around one teenager's chance to prove he's worthy of adulthood in a grueling test. More on that next week.

Also, big news on the Project Fierce Anthology! It is now available for preorder! So get your copy here.

Well, I think that's it for this week. Still waiting on word about MWMGML so fingers crossed because it should be soon. Have a great week everyone!!!


Monday, June 16, 2014

The Saga of Steve and Joey-Part 25

Hello everyone! I'm back with a brand-new part of The Sage of Steve and Joey! I know it's been a while, so don't forget you can always refresh your memory on their story on the free reads page. Now just so you know, this is a special Father's Day story. I know Father's Day was yesterday, but I post on Monday so it's a day late. Hope nobody minds to much. And, with that, enjoy!

Part 25
“Happy Father’s Day!”
I start awake as Joey’s loud voice wakes me out of my deep sleep. I look up to see Joey standing over the bed with a tray balanced on one hip and a smiling Aiden on the other.
“What’s this,” I say sleepily, not understanding what was going on.
“It’s Father’s Day, silly,” Joey replies with a smile. “And we have brought you breakfast in bed.”
“Oh, have you,” I say, matching his smile with my own.
“Yep. Now take Aiden before I drop your breakfast.”
I chuckle before I sit up and lean forward to take Aiden out of Joey’s arms. Once Joey is free of Aiden he swings the tray around and gently sets it on the bed before walking around to crawl into his side of the bed.
I settle Aiden on my lap before leaning forward and lifting the lid off one of the plates. The smell of French toast and freshly cooked eggs fills my nostrils.
“Smells good, baby,” I say as I pick up one glass of orange juice and take a long sip.
“Thanks. But you know you have to share with me and Aiden.”
“Yeah, I gathered that from the two plates and the jar of baby food.”
Joey smiles and takes his own plate off the tray. “Well, Dad, eat up.”
Joey and I start to eat breakfast, taking turns feeding Aiden who was clearly more interested in our breakfast than his own.
“So what brought this on,” I asked as I take the last bite of my French toast, groaning at the warm, cinnamon flavor that bursts on my tongue.
“What do you mean,” Joey asks. He has already finished eating and is currently playing airplane with Aiden to try and get him to eat.
I rub a hand over Joey’s back and smile as Aiden opens his mouth for Joey’s flying spoon.
“I mean, why did you make breakfast in bed?”
“I told you,” Joey says, wiping Aiden’s face now that breakfast is over. “It’s Father’s Day.”
“Yeah, but so what? You’re a father too and I didn’t make you breakfast in bed.”
“So why did you do it?”
“What? Are you complaining?”
“Me? Hey, anytime you want to make your cinnamon French toast is fine with me. And I don’t care where you serve it.”
Joey chuckles. “Nice to know I’m appreciated.”
“Well, your French toast anyway. And you still didn’t answer my question.”
“I don’t know,” Joey shrugs, moving Aiden so he’s leaning against his stomach. “I woke up early and I got up to check on Aiden. And when I went downstairs to get him a bottle, inspiration struck.”
“So no ulterior motive?”
“You’re making my breakfast in bed sound like an evil thing.”
“No. Not at all. I’m just saying I find it a little strange that you made me breakfast in bed and I haven’t done anything for you.”
“Yet. It’s still early in the morning. And we have the whole day ahead of us.”
“Yeah. But now I have to match your cinnamon French toast. I’m not sure that’s possible.”
Joey laughs. “Well, I’m sure you’ll come up with something. Besides, even if you don’t, I already have what I need for Father’s Day.”
“What’s that?”
“My family. You by my side. And our Aiden.”
I lean over and wrap a tight arm around Joey. I run my free hand over Aiden’s head lightly brushing his soft baby hair. What Joey said is true. All we need is our little family. As long as I have them, everything would be fine.
“Happy Father’s Day, Joey.”
“Happy Father’s Day.”

And there’s Part 25. I hope you liked it. Starting with the next part, we’re going to start jumping ahead. There will be a series of snapshots as Aiden grows up. See you next week!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday Update-6/12/14

Hello everyone! I'm back!!! I know it's been a really long time since I posted, but I have been so busy. Even once I got back from vacation, I spent so many hours writing that I didn't have time for blogging. But I'm going back to the EDJ tomorrow (Yucky!) so things should be back to normal now. And that means, it's time for a writing update! So here it is!

My big news: the first draft for Escape is finally finished. It is a little shorter than I anticipated. (I thought it would be about 70,000 words and it came in just under 63,000.) But I'm very happy with the story. Of course, it needs to be edited and whatnot before I can submit and it might take a little while before I can get to it, since I have other projects on the go, but I'm really happy with where the story is right now. And the fact that I wrote about 30K words in just over two weeks is a great feeling too.

Also, Death has officially moved into the editing phase. I got the first revised copy and will be working on that over the weekend. I'm also pondering a title change for this novella. More on that later. But I'm really excited about this one.

My next big project will be working on two short stories. The first, Finding Love in the Darkness, you already know about. I'm hoping to finish the first draft next week so I can edit it and send it out by the end of the month. I'm also going to be working on an untitled short story that will be included in a new TJ/Eric anthology. I should have more information on that next week as well.

Once all of my short stories are sorted out, I will then be moving backwards. I will be doing some editing and reworking of Xibalta, which was originally turned down for publication about six months ago. I hoping to resubmit that in the near future.

Wow. Well, I think that's everything I have for now. Remember that The Saga of Steve and Joey will be back on Monday so come back and check out the next part of their story. Have a great weekend everyone!!


Monday, June 2, 2014

On Vacation!!!!

Hello everyone. Just a reminder that I'm on vacation right now. I will be back with the next Thursday update on June 12th and The Saga of Steve and Joey will be back up on June 16th. But I'll bring pictures. See you all then!