Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Productive Weekend of Writing

Hello everyone!
     Once again I've been neglecting to update you on my writing in favor of telling you all about my blog tour. However, today I hit a major breakthrough that I am very excited to tell everyone about. I have just finished the first draft in my YA M/M Science Fiction story Journey to Xibalta! I am very happy with this story and should only need minor changes before going to the publisher from consideration. My plan is to work on some more blog posts and then go back to this story on Tuesday or Wednesday. I'm hoping to have it in to the publisher in the next few weeks. So keep your fingers crossed.
    I'm still waiting to hear back about My World, My Game, My Love but hopefully, I will know in a week or two.
   So things are going really well in the world of writing. Don't forget to check back here for information on my writing and the latest on my blog tour for "The Sacrifices We Make".
    Happy Friday everyone!

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