Monday, September 1, 2014

The Saga of Steve and Joey-Part 35

Hello everyone and Happy Monday! Also, I want to wish all of my fellow Americans a Happy Labor Day! But more than that, today is a special day because today is the day The Saga of Steve and Joey ends. It has been a great ride with 35 parts and almost 30K words. I want to thank all of my loyal readers who have stuck by and read the whole thing. It has been a joy to write this for you. But even though this story will be ending, it will not be the last time we see Steve, Joey and Aiden. I will still be posting parts every once in a while. And even though there won't be any more regular posts, there will be another free read serial coming in the next couple of months. So stay tuned for that. And in the meantime, enjoy the final part in The Saga of Steve and Joey!

Part 35
Smiling, I hang up the phone and put it back on the charger before leaning back into Joey, wrapping an arm around him.
“He sounds good,” Joey commenting, looking up at me from his spot on the couch.
“You sound surprised at that.”
“Hey, remember I met you when you were still a med student. I know how hard it is.”
“True. But I know Maggie is helping him.”
Joey curls into me a little bit more. “Well, as much as I like her and I do, I remember how some nights you were so wrapped up in your work you barely knew I existed. I’m sure there are time Aiden ignores his girlfriend too.”
I lean down and kiss the top of his head. “I always knew you existed. Even during the times when I was totally wrapped up in my work, I always knew you were there.”
“I guess that’s why I married you. Because I was more important to you than the central nervous system.”
I can’t help but laugh. “Of course you are. You know that.”
“Sure, I do. But I’m allowed to give you a hard time every once in a while.”
I smile again before falling into silence. After so many years together, I am finding some of my favorite moments are these: where I can hold Joey in my arms and just be. He fits so perfectly there, our breaths in near perfect rhythm.
“It’s going to be our thirty year wedding anniversary next month,” Joey says breaking my silence.
“I know. Can you believe it has been so long?”
“Not really. But then again I can’t remember my life without you.”
“I can. But I don’t think I want to.”
Joey turns a little in my arms and stares up at me. “You’ve given me everything, Steve. You know that, right? I mean you have given me the family I lost when I came out, a wonderful home and helped me raise our son to become an amazing man.”
“Hey, you have given me all of those things too, you know. It’s not a one-way street.”
“I know. It’s just crazy to think that we have been together so long.”
“But it’s been a good ride.”
Joey stretches up so he can press a gentle kiss to my lips. “It’s been the best,” he whispers.
Kissing Joey ever so softly, I think about how right he is. We may have had our ups and downs, but I wouldn’t change my life with him for anything. After all, Joey and Aiden were my family. My everything. And that’s how it will be forever.
The End

And that’s it! I hope you have all enjoyed The Saga of Steve and Joey. I will be back with another free read saga later in the year, but for now, catch up on all my free reads here

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  1. Oh, Sophie, thank you so much. I have really enjoyed reading about Joey, Steve and Aiden. It's kind of sad to have that come to an end, but I see we'll get to see them again now and again. I'm looking forward to the new story.