Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thursday Update-4/2/15

Hello everyone and Happy Thursday!!! I know I have been gone for quite some time and I do feel bad about that. I have missed being able to jump online and be able to talk with everyone of FB and Twitter and all other forms of social media. But alas, things in my personal life have shifted in a few big ways and because of that my writing has suffered. How much you all ask?? Well, let me explain.

I normally don't talk about my day job, nor do I want to. I write because I enjoy it as a hobby and I try not to taint that by discussing my day job. Some of you may know what I do, but the simple fact is it doesn't matter. What does matter is that I work for a heartless corporation who thrives on making their employees suffer. Things got so bad I even had to switch from working mornings to working evenings (which is why I'm not online much at night anymore.) And with the new mortgage and the still struggling economy, there are little to no options on leaving. Now I love writing and I hope to get back to it soon, but right now I need to focus on starting up something that will generate an income faster and more effectively than writing. After all, as much as I love writing it's not something I ever got into because of the money. So my fiancee and I are looking into starting up an online business that would provide authors and bloggers (and anyone else) stock photography to use on blogs and websites with no copyright issues. There would also be a custom component where we can create custom photos, logos, etc. I am super excited about this idea and I hope we can bring into life within a few months. After all, as an author I know how hard it is to find images for our social media so I am hoping this will help a lot of people.

Now let me be clear. I still love writing and I have no intention of giving it up. But I just need some time to get some things straightened out in my personal life and I hope everyone can understand that I will still update here as things develop and I will still be on my normal social media outlets for anyone who wants to chat with me. I want to thank all of my supporters in advance as I move forward. It is because of all of you that I am so passionate about writing despite all of the changes going on around me. And that is something I can never repay. I can't wait to get started on this new venture in my life and to share all of my up and downs with you.

Until next time...


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  1. Good luck, Sophie! I hope everything works out...I have faith that it will. We'll be here for you when when you can get back to us.