Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday Update-10/23/14

Hello everyone! I am back from GRL!! It has been a crazy week, but an awesome one. First of all, let me say how fabulous GRL really was. I met so many awesome people and had the best time. And it was amazing having people come up to me with my book and ask me to sign it. Weird, but awesome.

In addition to having a great time at GRL, I was given some information that is very promising for the future. I can't tell you any details yet, but let's just say I have a new writing project. From now until the end of the year, all of my spare time will be spent on the Noxium Trilogy. How much time? Well, let's just say I have over 20K done of Survival: Book 2 in the Noxium Trilogy. And I just started work on it Monday. Now, of course, when I go back to work tomorrow, things will slow down, but I am hoping to have it done in six weeks. And if that happens, maybe I will have some information for everyone early next year. Finger crossed.

So that is my writing week. I will now leave you with some of the pictures from GRL! There are too many to post them all, but here are some. I will be posting more later as I transfer them from my camera. Enjoy!

Me at my first book signing!!
(Courtesy of Madison Parker Photography)

Me and the fabulous WT Prater
(Courtesy of Madison Parker Photography)

The insane ride to the airport!
(Courtesy of JK Hogan)

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