Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday Update-10/30/14

Hello everyone and Happy Thursday!! I hope everyone has had a great week. Here is what I have done...

My week has once again been consumed by the second book in Noxium trilogy. I have crossed the halfway point, which puts me on track for the fastest I have ever written a book. I guess it is a good thing the story is flowing, but I have a feeling I will have to fix a lot of typos. Oh well.

Outside of that, not much else has gotten done. I still need to do a GRL post and get the pics off my camera. Hopefully in the next few weeks. I am also in the planning stage for a brand-new series tentatively called the Unwanteds series. This is looking like it could be my biggest series with upwards of twelve possible books. But I am very excited about it. I am also in the planning stages for a new free read series, but I can't tell you much about that yet. Hopefully, I will be able to share in the next few weeks. So be sure to check back over the next few weeks as everything starts to unfold. Exciting things to be sure...

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Holy cow, look at you go! I'm happy the writing is going so well. Thanks for the update, Sophie!

    1. Anytime! And I am glad the writing is going well too. It came really come in stages sometimes.