Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekly Prompt-Rainy Day

Here is my next weekly prompt. You can read the original prompt and the other responses here.

 Making It Work

Well, that kills that, Cameron thought as he stared out the sliding glass patio door. The rain was steadily hitting the metal railing that jutted out near the edge of the old brick apartment building. The weather report had said that it was going to be a nice day with only the chance of a passing shower. Of all the days for them to be wrong!

Brody was supposed to be here in ten minutes to pick him up for their date. The only problem was that they were supposed to go hiking. Brody told him to pack some hiking gear and a swimsuit because he knew a great spot with a secluded lake where they could go. It had sounded like so much fun.

Brody and Cameron had met about two months ago at a hiking group meeting. The two hit it off immediately and starting dating. They quickly discovered after one dinner date that neither one of them really liked being inside. They both were inside enough with their jobs: Brody as a doctor and Cameron as a sous chef in a local Italian restaurant. Ever since that first date, all of their planned activities involved being outside.

But now the rain had spoiled that. It was not lighting, but it would still make for dangerous hiking conditions. Especially considering the difficulty of their hikes lately. Cameron was debating calling Brody to see what else he wanted to do when his cell phone buzzed from inside his jean pocket.

Taking it out, Cameron saw that he had a text from Brody. It was a simple message, just reminding Cameron to bring his swim trunks. But it confused Cameron. Surely they were not going to go hiking in this. Were they?

Cameron was still trying to figure his boyfriend out when he got another text, informing him that Brody was outside waiting for him. Shrugging, Cameron grabbed the black book bag he had packed earlier in the morning and headed out of his two-bedroom apartment.

Brody was waiting for Cameron in his 2009 Chevy Cobalt. He looked as great as ever with his floppy black hair draped over his smother shaven cheeks. But what confused Cameron was how he was dressed. He was wearing a pair of casual plaid shorts with a blue T-shirt that stretched over his slightly muscled form. And were those flip-flops?

“Hey, baby,” Brody said as he casually leaned over to kiss Cameron.

“Hey,” Cameron replied as he settled his tall frame in the passenger seat. “So what are you wearing?”
“What? You don’t like.”

“No, it is not that. But I don’t think that we can go hiking with you wearing that.”

Brody laughed. “Cam, we can’t go hiking in this. And you know it. No, I have other plans.”

Cameron gave his man a curious look, but sighed as Brody turned away shifting the car into drive. He knew that he was never going to get an answer now. Brody was a huge supporter of surprises.

Brody kept driving outside of Philadelphia towards his unknown destination. Cameron, for his part, allowed his curiosity to die down and started enjoying his time with Brody. Their schedules did not always allow them to share a ton of time together. Soon they were talking about funny things that happened at work, what was going on with friends and family and all the other components of their lives. Cameron found that he was having such a good time that he did not care if they ever stopped.

Of course, their talk did end when Brody pulled his car into a massive parking lot. Cameron looked around and quickly figured out where they were.

“You brought us to an amusement park?!”

“Trust me.”

Cameron gave Brody a wary look as his boyfriend parked the car. Nevertheless, as soon as the engine was cut, Cameron was grabbing his bag. It was a little scary, but he was quickly getting to the point where he would follow Brody to the end of the Earth.

Brody led Cameron to the front of the park, the rain starting to soak their clothes. After quite a bit of protest over the money end, Brody paid for two day-passes and led Cameron into the park.

From what Cameron could see just inside the gate, it was a very nice amusement park. The giant Merry-Go-Round sat in the middle of the fairway, which was lined with stores and restaurants. Giant metal roller coasters sprang up in the sky, making Cameron’s heart race. He had never been much of a roller coaster fan.

Thinking that he should probably explain that, Cameron turned to Brody only to see his man walking off to the right.


“Come on!”

Cameron followed Brody off the fairway onto another major walkway. After a few steps, Cameron realized where they were going.

“You took me to a water park?”

“Absolutely. Haven’t you ever been to a water park on a rainy day?”

Cameron shook his head.

Brody smiled. “Then you are in for a real treat. Come on. You are being very slow and we need to get changed.”

Cameron, still skeptical, followed Brody into the park. They quickly got changed and stashed their clothes in a rented locker.

That done, Brody led Cameron to one of the water slides near their locker. They quickly grabbed an inner tube and carried them up the massive metal staircase.

“There is no line,” Cameron remarked, as they reached the top.

“Of course not. It is raining,” Brody said with a smile.

“You knew this.”

“Yeah. No one wants to go to an amusement park if it is raining, so there are no lines. But it does not matter of you go to a water park, because the whole goal is to get wet anyway. As long as it does not thunder, you are safe. Most people don’t think about that.”

“You are a genius,” Cameron said, giving his man a gentle kiss on the lips.

“And you are just learning this?”

Laughing, the men set their tubes in adjoining tubes and pushed off down the slide. Cameron forgot how awesome it felt to go down a water slide.

Luckily for him, he had the chance to remember that time and time again. Brody and Cameron spent the entire day going up and down the water slides, unimpeded by lines or crowds. It was the most fun that he had in a long time.

But for Cameron, the best part of the day came right after lunch. The two men decided to take a break from the water slides and take a turn on one of the river rides. Basically, they each got an inner tube and set it on a river that ran around the water park. It did not get its riders very wet, just allowed them a relaxing ride. By that point, the rain had slowed to a drizzle so they were not pelted as they went around the river. But the park was still deserted so they had the best of both worlds. The two men decided to hold hands so that they could ride the river together without the current carrying one tube farther than the other. They went around telling stories and jokes, smiles permanently stuck on their faces. Cameron could not remember a time when he felt more loved.

Eventually, the rides became tiring and the men changed their clothes so that they could leave the park. The rain had ended, so it seemed appropriate that their day should end at the same time. Cameron had to admit that while he was skeptical at first, he had a great day.

“Thank you for today,” Cameron said as he and Brody left the park hand-in-hand.

“You are welcome. I am glad that you enjoyed it. But it is not over yet. I know of a great restaurant around the corner that we can have a great dinner at.”

Cameron smiled. Brody always thought of everything.

“Hey, look at that.” Cameron looked up at Brody’s remark to see his boyfriend pointing towards the sky. There was a rainbow in the sky! Cameron always loved rainbows and not just because of what they had come to represent. They always felt refreshing to him.

“A beautiful end to a beautiful day,” Cameron whispered as he stared at the colors arching in the sky.

“Never the end,” Brody said turning towards his man. “This is just the beginning.”

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