Thursday, August 22, 2013

A New Story!

Hello all!

I have exciting news to share. Today, I started work on my brand-new novel. My latest work is called Journey to Xibalta. It's a YA M/M science-fiction story. I'm planning this to be the first of a series. The basic story revolves around a group of Earthlings who survive after our world is destroyed by a nuclear holocaust and their quest to find a new home. I've finished plotting it out and I am hoping to start the writing soon. This novel is going to be written around a lot of other things, including the blog tour for Sacrifices, the final draft for MWMGML and a short story or two, so it may take a while to finish. Nevertheless, I'm really excited about this one. Don't forget to check its progress on the side bar and in my writing updates.

Have a nice Friday everyone!


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