Thursday, November 7, 2013

A New Story

Well, I'm still trying to get used to life after vacation. I had a wonderful time away from everything, but I'm slowly forcing myself to ease back into real life. The fact that I have to work tomorrow should help easy that transition.

As for my writing, I'm starting to get back into that too. Now that Journey to Xibalta is done, I've started a new project. I just started a new YA short story. It's about a boy experiencing his first summer love. Currently, the story is called The First Taste of Summer Love. I'm not thrilled with the title and might change it later, but that's what it is now. Who knows, maybe it will even grow on me. Right now, I'm about 2,000 words in to the story. I suspect it will be about 10,000 words when all said and done. Hopefully, I will have the first draft done by this time next week. Maybe by then I will have the ambition to start another novel. But for right now, I'm enjoying this little side project.

So that's my life. How's everyone else? Let me know. And happy Friday everyone!


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