Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekly Prompt-Dentist

Here is this week's free read. I came up with the prompt all by myself, so I hope you enjoy it!

Love Always Beats Fear

Casey sat in the car, holding the door handle with a white-knuckled grip. Why the hell had he allowed himself to be talked into this? He hated going to the dentist. Well, that was putting it mildly. He was terrified. He didn’t know why, but going to the dentist had always done that to him. Maybe it was the drilling. Or the scraping. Or the visions he kept having of the dentist dropping the pick down his throat causing him to choke and die. Or maybe-

“Case, you’re panicking again.”

Casey looked over at his beautiful boyfriend, Trevor, calmly driving their red SUV down the road. The sun coming through the window making his light skin and dark hair glow was almost enough to make Casey forget where he was going. Almost.

“What do you want me, Trev? I’m about to die a horrible death and you want me to sit here and pretend like nothing’s going to happen.”

Trevor let out a little chuckle at his boyfriend’s panic, causing the little dimples in his cheeks to appear.

“Babe, you’re not going to die. It’s just a cleaning. Forty-five minutes tops and we’ll be on the way home.”

“You don’t know that.”

“Case, I’ve been going to the dentist every six months for as long as I can remember. I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about.”

Casey and Trevor had been an item for about nine months now. They were both very much in love and had just moved in together. It’s because of that change this whole thing happened. When Trevor’s reminder card came from the dentist a week ago, it started up a conversation about who Casey’s dentist was. This led to Casey having to explain his fear of dentists and how he hadn’t been to one in almost a decade. Which in turn led them to this car ride, straight to the jaws of hell.

“Casey? Baby? You know it’s going to be okay, right?”

Casey just looked over at his boyfriend with wide brown eyes.

Trevor sighed and took his hand off the wheel to clutch his boyfriend’s hand. Silence reigned over the car until Trevor pulled the SUV into the dentist’s parking lot.

As soon as he saw the sign, all of the panic came rushing back to Casey. His breath started to come in fast pants and tears started to well in his eyes. He couldn’t do this. There was no way that he could walk in there. Fear paralyzed him.

But then something strange happened. He started to hear soft words coming through his harsh breaths and the hallow ringing in his ears. He felt soothing touches down his arms and a soft kiss on his temple.

Slowly, Casey calmed down enough to realize Trevor was right there with him, soothing him in every way he could. It made him feel safe. Like not even the dentist from hell could hurt him.

“Casey? Are you okay now,” Trevor asked, clearly noticing his man was calming down.

“I think so.”

“Good. Cause you kinda scared me there.”

“I’m really scared.”

“I know you are. But it’ll all be okay.”

Casey thought about contradicting him, but before the words could come out, he realized something. Trevor had just made him feel safe and secure, despite the panic. Maybe..,

“Trevor, will you go in with me? Like to see the dentist. Maybe hold my hand.”

“Of course I will. I’ll do whatever you want me to do. I know you’re scared about this.”

“More than you can ever know.”

Trevor leaned over and gently kissed his lips. “Whatever you want me to do. You know I’ll do anything for you.”

“I know. And I love you for it.”

The two exchanged one more kiss before getting out of the car. Casey looked up at the building like a criminal stares at a noose. But before he could panic again, Trevor was there, taking his hand and leading him to the door. Despite the fear, Casey couldn’t help but smile. No matter what happened to him in there, as long as he had Trevor everything would be fine. After all, love always beats fear. 

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