Friday, November 1, 2013

Update on Writing and Life

Hello Everyone!
    Wow! It's been awhile since I checked in, but I thought I would update everyone on what's been going on. First of all, Journey to Xibalta is FINISHED. That's right. At over 72,000 words it is my longest novel to date and it's one I am very proud of. I think it's a great story. And since it is only 1 of 3, the story isn't even halfway done yet. (But it's as done as it will get for now;) The story has been submitted to Harmony Ink, so now I just have to wait.
     In other news, I am on vacation. I'm leaving for Wisconsin soon. I have tickets to see my beloved Packers take on the Chicago Bears (who suck) on Monday Night Football. So wish me luck. But just so everyone knows, there will be NO free read this week since I will be up there. But don't worry I will have one for you in two weeks time.
      I also hope everyone has been enjoying the Sacrifices blog tour. It's starting to wind down. The last giveaway ends on Saturday so get over to Joyfully Jay and enter. (The link is under the giveaway page.) My last guest post is on Monday over at Brynn Stein's blog and my last post is here on Tuesday. So don't forget to check those out.
    Whew! Well, I think that's everything. I'm going to watch a movie. Have a great weekend all!

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