Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Writer's Block is a Terrible Thing

Writer's Block sucks. There is no other way to say it. My YA short story that I started last week has hit a wall of epic proportions. So I won't be finishing that anytime soon.

On the flip side, a new muse has taken residence in my brain. I'm currently writing an adult novella. It's a dark comedy about the Grim Reaper and his search to find love. So for right now, that is going to be my main project until my short story muse comes back.

The goal: to get both the novella and the short story done by the end of the year. That seems like a really tall order even as I say that between the holidays and a few mandatory six day work weeks, but hopefully it will get done. I want to be all set-up to start a new novel in the new year.

So that's where I am. How about all of you?

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