Monday, March 10, 2014

The Saga of Steve and Joey-Part 14

Hello everyone! Welcome to the final installment of Steve and Joey's wedding. Enjoy!
Part 14
I cling to Steve’s hand all the way through dinner. I don’t want to let him go. And judging by the way, he’s holding onto me, I don’t think he wants to let me go either.
After the wedding, we all came down to Luigi’s for a fancy Italian dinner. There really wasn’t a need for a big reception, since there was only five of us at the wedding, but we still wanted to do something. Dinner just seemed like the easier method. Steve and I don’t leave on our honeymoon until tomorrow morning, so we’re just planning on having a quiet evening at the restaurant before going home to sleep before tomorrow’s flight.
As I finish a fabulous meat and five cheese lasagna, Lucas picks up his fork and starts gently hitting his wine glass, the tink-tink sound filling the air.
“Why are you doing that,” I hiss, trying to ignore all of the people around the restaurant now staring at us.
“Because I always wanted to,” the bastard says with a smile.
I look over at Steve, but he just smiles and shakes his head at his best friend. Still holding on to Steve’s hand, I lean back in my chair, prepared to let him say whatever he feels the need to say.
“Okay, guys, I just wanted to say how happy I am for both of you. I hoped for the best when I set you guys up on a blind date, but I never thought I would be here toasting you two on your wedding day. And I’ve also never been so happy to be wrong. I’m thrilled beyond all belief that you two found each other. And I can only hope that one day I’ll find someone who completes me the way you two complete each other.”
I feel tears welling up in my eyes as Lucas goes through his speech. I didn’t know Lucas was capable of talking like this.
“Now I know this is the part where I’m supposed to give you a present, but I’m driving you two to the airport at three in the morning so that should be present enough.”
Lucas gives us a wicked smile and sits down. I know that look. He has a present for us. He just doesn’t want to give it to us in front of Steve’s parents. Interesting.
“Well,” Steve’s Dad says. “I guess that means it’s our turn to say something. Steve, I’d be lying if I was to say this is who I’d end up with.”
‘AKA, you hate me,’ I think.
“But it’s plain to see that you and Joey are happy. And that’s all your mother and I have ever wanted for you.”
Steve’s Dad reaches into his jacket and pulles out a simple white card envelope. He looks at with a small smile before handing it over to Steve.
My new husband gives my hand a squeeze before letting go and accepting the card from his Dad with a hand shake.
“Open it,” Steve’s mother says quietly.
Steve nods and opens the card. I glance over, but I don’t look over his shoulder. It just doesn’t feel right, even though technically it’s a gift for both of us. Steve pulls a very nice card out of the envelope, reading the kind words with a smile. When he opens it to read the inside, his breath catches, although I can’t see why.
“Mom. Dad. It’s too much.”
“No, son,” Steve’s Mom says. “We’ve been waiting to give that to you for a long time. Use it well.”
Steve gets up and goes around the table to give hugs to his parents. I glance over at the card. There’s a corner of a check sticking out of it. It must be a lot for Steve to be acting this way.
“Thank you,” Steve says again, walking back to his seat and taking my hand in his.
His parents just smile and nod.
We finish our wonderful dinner without another word about wedding gifts. Outside of the restaurant, Steve says goodbye to his parents who will be leaving later tomorrow. I shake hands with his parents, but there is still an air of tension there.
So while Steve finishes his goodbyes, I say goodbye to Lucas.
“I’ll give you your present in the morning,” Lucas whispers in my ear.
“I’m not worried about it.”
“I know,” Lucas replies with a glint in his eyes. “But it’ll be good for the honeymoon.”
Lucas opens his mouth to say more, but Steve comes over then and says his own goodbyes.
After one more round of goodbyes, Steve and I get in his car and start the drive home together.
“That was fun,” I say, once we’re on the road.
“The getting married part or the reception,” Steve asks, never taking his eyes off the road.
“And just wait for the honeymoon.”
“Yeah. Lucas said he would be bringing our present tomorrow morning.”
“Geez. I hope it’s nothing that will get us arrested by the TSA agents.”
“Speaking of presents, what did your parents give you?”
“Us. They gave us twenty-five thousand dollars.”
I started coughing on air as he said that. “What?”
“Yeah. I thought it was a little excessive too, but they said they wanted to make sure that we got started together on the right foot. I don’t know why, since we already have a house, but they wouldn’t take it back.”
“But they hate me.”
“No, they don’t,” Steve says with a smile. “They might be a little cold to you at times, but they don’t hate you. And they know you make me happy so that’s enough.”
Smiling, I lean over, touching as much of him as I can given our current positions.
“We’re married,” I say wistfully.
“I know,” Steve replies. “Isn’t it great?”
“Yeah, it really is.”

Well, that’s the end of the wedding arch. Tune in next week when we hit the fast forward button on their lives again.

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