Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday Update-3/13/14

Hello everyone and Happy Thursday! Here's this week's writing update.

The big news for the week is that A Mysterious Savior is now under contract with Less Than Three Press! The short story will be part of a charity anthology for Project Fierce in Chicago. It will be released sometime in July. More details to come!

The first draft of Elpis Academy-Atty and Chase is now done. The second draft will need some work, something I will be starting next week.

My other big writing project this week has been Escape-Book 1 in the Noxium Trilogy. This trilogy is set in 2438, in a world where an evil dictatorship follows Derik and his quest to survive. But his world is turned upside down when he finds a young man, injured in an alley. Right now, I have about 9,000 words and three chapters down. I'm really happy with this new project, but I think it will take me awhile to finish because of other projects I have going on.

The Phoenix is progressing quite well. I have about 75% of the first draft done and I'm hoping to have the first draft done by the end of the week. It should come in at about five thousand words.

Still waiting on news for MWMGML and Death. 

I think that's about it. Next week, I'm hoping to have more information on When Friendship Becomes More and its upcoming release. Until then, have a great week everyone!


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