Monday, February 2, 2015

"Different Tracks"-Part 9

Hello everyone!! I am here with the next part of the Free Read Round Robin "Different Tracks"! We are already up to Part 9, but if you are behind don't worry because you can catch up using the links below.

Part 1-Written by Sophie Bonaste
Part 2-Written by Brynn Stein
Part 3-Written by Grace Duncan
Part 4-Written by Suki Fleet
Part 5-Written by Elizabeth Noble
Part 6-Written by Kim Fielding
Part 7-Written by Sophie Bonaste
Part 8-Written by Charlie Cochet

And without further ado, please enjoy Part 9 of "Different Tracks"!!!!

Xander groaned when he heard the alarm go off. It was way too early. Of course, it was always too early to get up. Even noon was too early. But Xander could tell by the lack of sunlight in his room that it wasn’t anywhere close to noon. And that just made him groan again.
But he knew he couldn’t afford to go back to sleep. He had to work.
However, as soon as he thought of that, he knew something was wrong. He didn’t have to work today. It was Saturday.
Xander pressed his eyes together and smashed his head further into the pillow. How in the world could he have been so stupid? This was the day he had been dreading for the whole week. He would have to go to the Habitat for Humanity site and face Peter after their one-night stand. He would have rather stabbed himself in the eye than face the man again.
If only he had the guts to really do that.
But he knew he didn’t have a choice. If he didn’t go in, he would be violating his court order. And that could mean jail time. Or massive fines he didn’t have the money to pay.
Dragging his tired body out of bed, Xander tried to figure out how best to handle this. He knew he had to go in and Peter would be there. The man was just too perfect to bail out on the whole thing after he put so much time and effort in to it. But Xander was no good at interpersonal relationships. Probably why the  closest thing to a relationship he ever had was a quick fuck.
Getting ready for the day, Xander tried to come up with a plan of attack. The only thing he could come up with was to avoid Peter as much as he could. In theory, it was possible. After all, it was a big site and there were a lot of things going on. But Xander knew better. Even though he knew there was a chance he could avoid Peter, the site wasn’t that big and there weren’t that many people. Plus, it didn’t help that Peter was involved in everything since he had been volunteering there forever.
So unfortunately, that was his only option. Avoid and pray.
With a feeling of dread, Xander left the apartment and headed towards the site.
Xander was half-expecting Peter to be waiting for him at the entrance to the work site, but he was pleasantly surprised to see Peter was nowhere to be found when he got there. Xander knew he was there, since his car was in the parking lot, but the fact that he wasn’t waiting to hunt Xander down was a plus.
Xander said hi to some of the other workers, like Mr. J., who always made Xander smile, before going to work on his assignment for the day. But even though he tried to put on an easy face, Xander was anything but relaxed. He kept waiting for Peter to creep up behind him and ream him out for leaving right after sex. Xander hated waiting for it to happen, but he couldn’t bring himself to go up to Peter either.
As the morning dragged on, Xander saw Peter a few times around the work site, but he always managed to avoid him by ducking behind stacks of wood or cement mixers. He certainly wasn’t proud of hiding from Peter, but there was no way in hell he was confronting Peter.
By the time eleven thirty rolled around, Xander felt pretty good about himself. He had managed to avoid Peter for almost an entire morning. It hadn’t been easy, but it was doable. Especially since Peter didn’t seem all that eager to talk to him either.  Maybe this would turn out just fine.
Xander cringed at himself before forcing himself to turn around. Damn. He had been so proud of himself for avoiding Peter that he had let the man sneak up right behind him. So not cool. No wonder he had never made it in a gang.
“Hey Peter,” Xander said, trying to sound as cool as possible, despite the fact that he was dying a little inside.
“I was wondering if you had a moment to talk.”

Xander nodded, but he knew then and there that he was beyond a doubt totally fucked. 

I hope everyone enjoyed Part 9! Next up on Thursday is Brynn Stein with Part 10!!

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