Monday, January 26, 2015

Different Tracks-Part 7

This is part 7 of the Free Read Round Robin "Different Tracks. A complete list of past parts and where to find them can be found here. Enjoy!!

Part 7

Xander stared up at the ceiling. What the hell had he just done? One minute he was driving Peter to the diner and the next they were at Peter’s place where Xander had wasted no time in fucking Peter into oblivion.
It seemed so perfect at first. By the time, Peter and Xander got to the farm house, the chemistry was palpable. Xander didn’t even need a hand on his dick for it to get rock hard. In fact, neither one of them had made it in the house before they started shedding clothes. And the sex! Xander didn’t think he had ever had sex that good before.
But as with so many one-night stands, the rush ended with the orgasm. And now Xander was stuck. Peter was still passed out next to him on the amazingly comfortable king-sized bed. Xander still wasn’t sure how they had made it to Peter’s master bedroom, but he was happy they had. At least, now he could ponder his dilemma in a warm bed. So much better than his bed back in his shit apartment.
But no bed was going to help him out of this predicament, because what the hell was he going to do now? Sure, Peter was a nice guy and he had been a great lay, but Xander didn’t want a relationship. That just wasn’t his style. Xander was more of a let’s-have-a-good-time kind of guy. But he knew Peter wasn’t like that. He was way too good. Peter dressed better, spoke better and acted better. Hell, he spent every Saturday working harder than at his day job building houses for no money.
And Xander knew he had money. Just looking at his house told Xander that. Even amid the lust pulsing through him when he got to the house, Xander couldn’t help but see how amazing Peter’s house was. Even though the house was old, it had been completely redone. All of the floors had gleaming hardwood and modern conveniences had been added to every room. There were brand-new appliances, electronics and everything else. Apparently software developers got paid very well.
Yes, Peter was definitely too good for Xander. And Xander was sure that Peter would tell him that just as soon as he got up. No, not in those words. Peter was too perfect for that. But he would be sure to convey the message while still being a gentlemen. He was just that kind of guy.
But Xander didn’t think he could handle that kind of talk. He wasn’t an idiot. He knew he wasn’t going to be a part of Peter’s life. This was just a one-time thing.
The problem was getting out of the house.
Peter was still fast asleep. He had conked out right after the sex, which made Xander smile. Sure, it was good, but he didn’t think it was pass-out-afterwards good. But apparently Peter did.
Xander had never felt right leaving right after sex. It made it seem so dirty and wrong. But Xander didn’t have a choice. No way was he going to be able to face Peter now. Hell, he wasn’t even sure he would be able to face him next Saturday. That was why he always stuck to random club hook-ups until now. Too awkward.
Xander looked down at Peter one last time. He was still asleep, his face showing perfect peace. It almost made Xander stay there in bed with him.

Carefully, Xander shifted out from under Peter and swung his legs out of bed. Xander went around the room as quietly as he could, grabbing his clothes and making sure he had all of his belongings. He spared one last look at Peter before running out of the house to his car. Because as fun as it was, he never wanted to face Peter ever again. 

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