Monday, February 10, 2014

The Saga of Steve and Joey-Part 10

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone is having a good start to the week. And, of course, because it's Monday, it's time for the newest part in Steve and Joey's story. This part directly follows Part 9, so if you need to catch up, you might want to do that first. You can find all of the other parts here. Enjoy!

Part 10
The greatest feeling in the world is holding the one you love. After we left the restaurant last night, we came back to the house and made sweet love before falling asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.
Now as the sun peeks into the room around the blackout curtains, I can only wonder at how lucky I am to have a man like Steve in my life. I don’t know how long I watch him before he stirs in my embrace and slowly opens his eyes. I watch as he registers where he is before turning his gaze upwards, staring at me while still resting on my chest.
“Hi,” he whispers, the goofy grin on his face matching my own.
“Hi,” I whisper back before lifting a hand and running it through his soft hair.
We sit in silence, soaking up the peace. Eventually, Steve breaks the gaze and looks down. I see his left hand and smile more. The metal from the ring is glinting, even in the low light. I stared at the ring for almost a week before I gave it to him, and now it seems like his turn to stare. His eyes are transfixed, and even though I can’t see his face, I know he’s happy.
“It really happened,” he whispers after a minute.
“Of course it did. Why would you think otherwise?”
“I thought it was a dream.”
“Nope. Definitely not a dream.”
Steve looks up at me and smiles before lifting himself off my chest to give me a proper good morning kiss.
“Good,” he whispers against my lips.
“I love you,” I whisper, kissing him back.
“Love you too.”
We lounge in bed for a little bit longer, before getting up to start the day. I, feeling strangely domestic, start cooking a real breakfast with pancakes and eggs. We’re out of bacon, but I figure it’s hearty enough. I manage to make a nice stack of pancakes and start on some scrambled eggs by the time Steve finishes his shower.
“Whatcha doing,” Steve asks, coming into the kitchen and wrapping his arms around my waist, leaning his chin on my shoulder.
“Making breakfast.”
“And what brought this on?”
“I think getting engaged is reason enough to celebrate, don’t you?”
He chuckles. “Yeah, I guess so. What do you need help with?”
“Do you want to set up the breakfast bar with plates and silverware? The pancakes are already over there.”
“Yum,” he says, kissing me on the neck before letting me go to set the table. “Do you want some coffee?”
“Sure, thanks.”
Together, we set up for our breakfast and within five minutes we’re eating a wonderful breakfast. I’m a damned good cook, if I do say so myself. I don’t do it too often because of our crazy lives, but when I do, I make it count.
“So now what?”
I swallow the pancake in my mouth and turn to look at Steve. “What do you mean?”
“Well, we’re engaged now.”
“Yeah,” I say confused, despite the grin that has formed on my face.
“So shouldn’t we tell someone?”
“Well, Lucas already knows. He caught me looking at engagement rings at work and busted me. We should call him and tell him eventually, but I doubt he’s expecting a phone call this morning. I’ll call my parents later today, although I can’t say they’ll be thrilled.” My parents never really supported the real me. They love me, but things are weird between us now.
“I can tell my work friends on Monday. So I guess that just leaves my parents,” Steve surmises. “You know, we don’t really have that many people we’re close to.”
“So what? All I need is you.”
Steve leans over and give me a quick kiss before inhaling the last part of his breakfast. “I’m going to go call my parents. You want to me to do it here and put it on speaker?”
“No. Go ahead. I’ll just finish my breakfast.”
Steve nods and gets up to go find his cell phone. I go back to eating, listening to the muffled voice coming from the bedroom. Steve’s parents and I don’t really get along. They don’t hate me, but it’s like I’m living proof they’re son is gay. But rather than take it out on Steve like my parents did for me, they just shunned me. It bothered me a little, but Steve made it clear he would always choose me over them. And because of that I could deal with a little discomfort from them.
“They’re happy,” Steve said, walking back into the room. “They want to take us out to dinner at some point to celebrate.” The lack of enthusiasm in his voice tells me that it’s not the whole story, but I also know Steve well enough to know not to push in matters like this.
“Great. Do you want to call Lucas?”
Steve nods and pulls his cell phone out of his sweatpants pocket. Setting the phone on the table, he hit the speaker button as soon as the call started.
“Hello,” Lucas answers, sounding half-asleep.
“Hey,” Steve starts. “Joey and I have something to tell you.”
“I think I know what that might be,” Steve starts, a smile in his voice. “But go ahead.”
“We’re engaged,” Steve and I say in near-perfect harmony.
“Congrats,” Lucas exclaims. “I knew you two were perfect for each other.”
“You were right,” I concede. “I don’t know what I would do without him.”
“That’s awesome. Well, I appreciate the call, but I think the two of you have more important things to do. Call me later and we’ll do dinner to celebrate.”
We say our goodbyes before ending the call.
“Well, that’s done,” Steve comments.
“Yep. And now we have the whole weekend to celebrate our engagement.”
“And how do you want to do that,” Steve says with a leer.
“I may have a few suggestions,” I tease as I step forward to capture his lips in a scorching kiss. That kiss leads to another and another and soon we’re heading back upstairs to celebrate in the best way possible.

And there’s Part 10! I hope everyone enjoyed it. Check back next week for the next part in their story. 

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