Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday Update-2/20/14

Hello everyone! I hope everyone's having a great week. My week has been good. There have been the first signs of spring and I can only hope that there won't be anymore snow. Once of the snow piles in my front year is taller than I am, and that scares me. Anyway, here's my writing update for this week.

This week all of my focus has been on Elpis. I've finally started to hit a stride with this story and I'm hoping to get it down while it's still clear. This week I've written almost 10,000 words and crossed the halfway mark. The story will probably be around 60,000 words total. Even though this sound ambitious, I'm hoping to finish the first draft by Mar. 9. I have a few days off from work then so I should be able to get it done then.

Someone Who Loves the Real Me has been put on hold until the first draft of Elpis is done.

Still waiting on word on MWMGML, Death-Meet Love and Happiness and A Mysterious Savior. I should be getting more information on all three of them within the next few weeks.

The next part of The Saga of Steve and Joey will be huge so be sure to check in next Monday.

And finally, while I don't have anything to share yet I MAY have some exciting news on Saturday. I don't want to say anything and jinx it, but be sure to stay tuned to my Twitter or Facebook over the weekend. And keep your fingers crossed for me!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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