Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday Update-2/6/14

Happy Thursday everyone! Here is my update on the writing I accomplished this week.

The big news is A Mysterious Savior is done and sent off! I should be hearing news about it in a 4-6 weeks.

When Friendship Becomes More is also going well. The first edited draft is done, as is the blurb. It's looking like the story will be done with the editing stage by the end of the month.

Elpis is going well, albeit a bit slow. I was hoping to get about 12,000 words done in a 48 hour period and it just didn't happen. I know it was a little ambitious, but it's possible if the story is flowing. This one flows for a little bit and then I have to stop and figured out what's happening next. Right now, I have about 7,000 words done and I'm hoping to get another two by the end of the night.

Someone Who Love the Real Me is my newest short story. I'm working on it during my working week, so that's slow going. But I"m hoping to get the first draft done by the end of the month.

I'm still waiting to hear on MYMGML and Death-Meet Love and Happiness. Hopefully soon...

So that's my update. Have a great week everyone!


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