Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Successful "Weekend"

Well, here it is the end of my weekend. Now I now some of you are thinking: 'What is she talking about? It is Thursday.' And that is true. But as I am sure you will learn from my constant ramblings is that I do not have   a normal work schedule. I have a weekend off, it just happens to be Wednesday and Thursday, as opposed to Saturday and Sunday. Weird, I know, but you get used to it.

Anyway, I was able to achieve my weekend goal of writing 5,000 words on Sacrifices. I also managed to finish my outline of the entire book, which was also something that I needed to do. In reality, I should have done more, but I made the mistake of putting Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in the DVD player as background noise. Let's just say that that was five hours that I could have been writing that I will never get back. Oh, well. You are supposed to be lazy on the weekend, right?

So it is back to the grind for me in the morning, so I should go and get some sleep. I will probably bring you another update on Sacrifices over the actual weekend or early next week. Until then, have a great weekend everyone!


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