Monday, April 28, 2014

The Saga of Steve and Joey-Part 20

Happy Monday everyone! I hop you all enjoy this latest installment in The Saga of Steve and Joey!

Part 20
“You’re driving too fast,” I yell from the backseat.
“Babe, I’m driving fifteen miles below the speed limit. If I go any slower these drivers are going to run us off the road.”
“They wouldn’t dare.”
Steve glares at me from the driver’s seat using the rearview mirror.
“Fine,” I huff in annoyance. “Just do me a favor and watch the road!”
Steve shakes his head, but turns his gaze back to the road.
Trying to ignore the dangers of driving down a major road, I look down at the little bundle sitting next to me. Aiden is still sleeping peacefully in his car seat, blissfully unaware of the possible death trap we are currently sitting in.
I close my eyes and lean my head back on the head rest. I haven’t really slept much in the last few days and it’s starting to take its toll. Which is perfect, cause we’re taking a newborn home for the first time.
“Are you okay back there?”
I sigh. “Yeah. Just tired. And a little stressed.”
Steve fondly shakes his head at me. “I tried to tell you to get some sleep.”
“I know, but I couldn’t. And you know it.”
“Yeah. But you need to learn to relax a little. Aiden isn’t even a week old. How are you going to handle him in a month? Or a year?”
Part of me wants to snap that I know I’m on the road to self-destruction and he doesn’t need to point that out, but I’m just too tired.
“I know, Steve. I just…I’m handling this the best way I can.”
“I get that. I’m just worried about you.”
I want to tell him that I’m worried too, but I just stare down at Aiden. The last few days have been a whirlwind as we’ve gotten everything ready. I hadn’t slept or eaten the way I usually do since Margie called me at work telling me about Aiden for the first time. I actually expected Steve to say something a lot sooner, seeing as he’s a doctor and everything. But he just watched me, trying to encourage me to take an extra nap or eat a little more dinner.
The car is silent as we finish the trip home. I sigh as Steve pulls the car into the driveway and cuts the engine. Very carefully, I unhook the car seat and pop the handle on Aiden’s carrier. I love how the car seat became a carrier so I don’t have to wake Aiden.
Steve opens the door for me and I hand our son out to him. Steve smiles as he holds Aiden, looking down at his smiling face. Getting out of the car, I walk up to Steve and kiss him on the lips.
“I love you,” I whisper.
“Love you too. Now let’s get our son inside.”
Together, we walk up to the house. I get out my keys and open the door for Steve, since he’s still holding the baby.
We drop our stuff by the door before taking Aiden upstairs to the nursery. We didn’t really get a ton of time to get the room ready since we weren’t sure we were defiantly getting a baby. The walls are painted a light green, complimenting all of the furniture, which is made of a dark brown wood. We just bought most of the things in this room yesterday so everything is shiny and new. Just like our baby boy.
I watch as Steve gently moves the baby from the carrier to the crib. Aiden barely fusses, adjusting to his new bed without waking up.
“How did you do that,” I whisper.
Steve turns around and shoots me a quick smile before turning his gaze back to Aiden.
“I have a lot of practice moving babies. More than you, anyway.”
“Does your doctor training lend itself to everything,” I ask, walking up to him.
“No. But a lot does.”
I don’t respond, choosing to watch Aiden instead. Steve gives me a kiss on the temple before walking out of my sight. I normally would ask him where I’m going, but I’m too focused on Aiden sleeping. He’s just so perfect.
I’m watching my son when something gently pushes into the back of my knees. I turn to see Steve there, with the rocking chair we bought for the room. Shooting him a grateful smile, I sit down and continue to keep vigil over Aiden.
“I think everything’s perfect now,” Steve says.
I nod, but I can’t force any words out, before my eyes start to close. Steve is right; everything really is perfect now. That is my last thought before I slip into slumber.

And there’s Part 20! I hope everyone enjoyed it. Check back next week for the next part in their saga.

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