Monday, January 13, 2014

The Saga of Steve and Joey-Part 6

Hello everyone and Happy Monday. Here is the brand-new installment of The Saga of Steve and Joey. I hope that you enjoy it!
Part 6
I stand at the nurses’ station filling out the last of my paperwork on my latest discharge. It’s almost time for shift change and I’m looking forward to going home and sleeping for the next day or two. And maybe, I’d even get the chance to talk to Joey. That thought puts a smile on my face.
“What’s up with you?”
Turning, I see Keri standing there with a raised eyebrow and definite smirk. Keri is in the same year of medical school as me and has been one of the few friends I made during my time working at the hospital. She’s tall for a woman at five foot nine with a slender feminine form. She has bright red hair, which somehow compliments her fiery personality. She would have been the perfect woman for me, if I wasn’t gay. But since I am, we’re just good friends.
“What do you mean,” I ask, truly confused as to what she’s talking about.
“That smile. No one should be so happy after not sleeping for more than twenty-four hours.”
I concede her point. “I guess that’s true. But when you think about sleep, it gives you reason to smile.”
“I don’t think that’s it. That’s not the look of someone who’s thinking about bed.”
“So what do you think it is,” I ask, willing to play her game.
“I think it’s a man.”
I give her a warning look before I quickly turn around to make sure no one heard that. Thankfully, no one did. It isn’t that I’m ashamed of my orientation. I’m not. I have no reservations about telling my friends or family. But there’s something about telling the casual people I bump into at work that makes me nervous. Maybe it’s because I need these people to like me if I have any hope of staying on as a resident and some people are still homophobic assholes.
“Geez, Keri. Do you have to shout it from the rooftops?”
“Oh, chill out. No one heard. So is it?”
“Yes, okay. Yes,” I say, truly annoyed by the way this conversation is going.
“I knew it. So what’s his name?”
“Nice, nice. Is he hot?”
I’m going to reply in the affirmative, but the question makes me think about his beautiful face and perfect frame and I never open my mouth to speak. All that fills my mind’s eye is how amazing my man is.
“Hey,” Keri says, snapping her fingers in front of my face. “Snap out of it.”
“Sorry,” I say, blushing red in embarrassment.
But Keri doesn’t seem put off. She just laughs. “Don’t be. You seem happy and that’s awesome.”
“I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. He just makes me feel so special. And I’ve never met anyone who can make me forget all of the bullshit going on in my life.”
“He sounds special.”
“He is.”
“Go to him.”
“That’s the last of your paperwork, right? Your shift is almost over and I can cover you until it ends. So go to him. Spend some time with him.”
My jaw drops open. “You would do that for me.”
“Sure. Everyone deserves a little time off to spend with the one they love. One day you can return the favor. Now go.”
Without thinking, I reach over and grab Keri in a huge hug.  I whisper a quick, but heartfelt thanks in her ear. She just nods.
I quickly fill her in on all my current cases and within a half an hour I’m walking out to my car. Suddenly, I don’t feel all that tired as I think about going to see Joey. A little love really does go a long way.

And so ends Part 6. I hope you all enjoyed it. Next week, we will continue where we left off and see what happens when Steve goes to Joey’s after leaving work early. See you all then! (And don't forget to check back on Thursday for an update on my writing.)

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