Monday, January 6, 2014


Okay, so now I'm starting to feel bad. I have really been neglecting my blog. so to everyone who has been wondering where I am, I promise you I am still alive. Crazy busy, but alive. Real life has taken over my world in a big way. Because I work in costumer service, I had to work a ton of overtime during the holiday season. Add that to family obligations and there just haven't been enough hours in the day. I'm also working on a short story with a very close deadline, so that is taking up what free time I have left. (Stay tuned for more on that.) Now that life is finally starting to settle down, I am hoping to get back to a regular schedule. My hope is to keep posting free reads every Monday, with writing/life updates on Thursdays. We'll see how long that schedule holds up, but I am going to try. If anyone out there needs more up-to-the-second information, feel free to check me out on Twitter or Facebook. All of the links are in the Contact Me page, which can be found on the right sidebar. Thanks everyone and have a great week!

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